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20th Iowa Infantry - Texas

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February 8, 1864 James O. Stewart
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Original Civil War document written in period ink.

Headquarters, 20th Iowa Infantry
Aransas Pass, Texas

February 8, 1864

N. B. Baker
Adjutant General, Iowa

Herewith, I send you a list of the alterations and casualties’ incident to the Twentieth Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry for the year 1863.

Some few of the changes took place in 1862. The Regiment has seen a great deal of hard service. We may not have been in as many battles as some others but done as much hard marching as any Iowa Regiment in the service.

During the past year, the Regiment has lost sixty-eight men by death. Health of the Regiment is very good and has been since September last, not having lost a man by death.

We are now stationed on the Mustang Island of Aransas Pass. “The only troops here” and have been since November 16th. We have a total present of three hundred and sixty-three and a total of six hundred and eight in the Regiment. Company G, Captain Altmann is on detached service as Provost Guard at Corps Headquarters.

Of the three hundred and sixty-three men present, there is only eight sick. This has been the average for the past three months.

In forwarding recruits, please remember the Twentieth. Many of the men who are absent will never be with the Regiment again.

Your Blanks for the Annual Return was received on the 8th inst., and duly distributed to the companies. Some of them have already been forwarded. I had this Report made out before they came to hand.

Hoping this Report may be of benefit to you.

I am Yours Respectfully,

J. O. Stewart
2nd Lieutenant and Acting Adjutant Regiment

P.S. If I am entitled to a copy of your Report, please forward to John Stewart, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

J. O. S.