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12th New Jersey Infantry

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The 12th New Jersey Infantry was known as the "Buck & Ball" Regiment. The Buck & Ball cartridge was issued to the regiment for use in their smooth bore .69 caliber Springfield muskets. On July 2nd 1863, the 2nd day of the epic Battle of Gettysburg, the regiment had forced the rebels from the Bliss Farm. On July 3rd, the final day of the battle, about 400 men of the regiment did their part in the repulse of "Pickett's Charge." As Pettigrew's men of the 26th North Carolina Infantry approached the men of the 12th New Jersey, who had instead of loading muskets with the traditional "Buck & Ball" cartridge which contained a .69 caliber ball and 3 buckshot, they had loaded their muskets exclusively with "Buck - Shot". Effectively turning their muskets into shotguns for the coming short range combat.

Note: The unique design of this regimental association (society) identification badge, a badge with a gilt, gold colored finish and four (4) enamel colors, set it apart from many of the other Civil War Veteran Regimental Society "I.D." badges.

That the badge reverse is marker hallmarked, Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark, NJ