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150th Pennsylvania Infantry - Bucktail Wounded at Spotsylvania

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December 4, 1863 George A. Dixon
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Warrenton Junction
December 4th 1863

My Dear Wife,

I set down to write these few lines to you hoping that they find you well as they leave me at present. And I hope that the children are well.

My dear wife, as we are about to move, I thought that I had better send you some money and I don’t know where we are a going to and I thought that it would come through all right as the cars are running again. All night for when the fighting was going, on the cars did not move than one train a day. And now the cars are running about as thick as they possibly can get through. We got orders last night to pack up so as to be ready to move at the shortest possible notice. But we are not moved this morning. But I have heard that the Third Division of the Fifth Corps was to relieve us today.

So, it is hard to tell where I will be when this reaches you. For there is so many reports as to where we are going to. Mary, I feel very thankful that I was not in the last move of the army. For the weather has been pretty cold down here. We have had some very heavy frost for the ground has been froze here and we have heavy white frost.

Every night Mary, we have lost, since we have been here, 3 men. They were captured by the guerrillas. They were some two miles away from where we are a guarding a bridge on the railroad. There was 21 men there but they only captured 7 of them and there was nine of them out of the company that I belong to. Mary, as soon as I get to where we are going, I will write to you as soon as we get settled down. So as to know whether we will stay there any time. And you must write me an answer to this letter right away. For I will be anxious to know whether you get it or not for some of the men had sent their money nearly two weeks ago and has got no answer from it as yet. And for that reason, I want you to answer this letter right away. Enclosed you will find 20 dollars and I hope you will get it all safe and sound. For I would not like you to lose it and when you answer this letter, please do send me one dollar for I have not got much money about e and I like to have a little for to spend.

Mary, you would laugh if you could come and peep into my tent some time. And see us for we have bought some flour and we bake cakes for ourselves once and a while. And I think it is better for us than the cakes and stuff we could buy off the sutlers.

Mary it is now time for me to bring my letter to a close, as the paper is getting scarce. And you must give my love to all of both my father’s family and to all inquiring friends. So no more at present.

From your affectionate and ever-loving husband,

George A. Dixon