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150th Pennsylvania Infantry - Bucktail Wounded at Spotsylvania

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George A. Dixon
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Camp of the 150th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers
In the woods so thick that we can’t cut our way out this winter,

My Dear Wife,

I take this opportunity of writing a few lines to you to inform you that I am well and in good health and strength and since I wrote to you, we have moved into a large thick woods to building ourselves winter quarters again. For the winter for where we was before we went on the raid is occupied by the Sixth Army Corps. And I suppose that they will stay there this winter. And I have seen Coon Elliott and Lewis Elkins and they send their love to you and all the rest. And I have received a letter from Easton and Aunty Davis has got right well again. And all the rest of the family is well and sends their love to you and the children. And also, to my father and mother and all the rest of the family and George Davis is well and sends this love to you and all the rest.

Dear wife, the reason why I did not write to you sooner, is because we have been too busy, a building our log house and I hope it will be the last one that I will have to build while I am in the service. For it is not very nice work building houses for somebody else to come and live in. for we was relieved from our winter quarters to go on that raid. That I told you about in my last letter. And we expected to go in there again. Where we came back but it was not so. Well, we don’t care much about it now. For we have our new ones nearly done. and if the weather had kept clear today, we would have nearly finished ours. But we have got it so as we can live in it and now.

Dear wife, I was sorry to hear about the children having the measles while I was away from home. And yourself all alone with them. And yourself not being very well. I know it must be very hard on you. But let us keep in good heart for better days which may not be far distant, -- and in a little more than eight months, if the Lord is willing, I will be home again for a while. But I am in hopes that the war will end before that time and then peace and prosperity will reign supreme throughout our land and now.

Dear wife, receive my best love for yourself and the children and a kiss for you and them and may the time you come when I shall be able to bring them myself and now you must give my love to my father and Mother and all the rest of the family. And also, to your father and his family and to Sadie and Maggie and John Nettle and let them know how I am and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. So no more at present.

From your affectionate husband,

George A. Dixon

Please write soon and let me know how you all are.