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61st Ohio Infantry

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April 14, 1863 Jacob F. Mader Jr.
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 1 page, written in period ink.

Camp near Stafford Court House
April 14th 1863

Dear Mary,

One division and all the cavalry in our Corps marched in the direction of the river with the intention of crossing yesterday. With the intention of ascertaining the strength of the enemy. And this morning the whole army is under marching orders with eight days rations to march at a moment’s notice. If we do march, I am of the belief that it will be some time before you can hear from me again. That is if you ever hear from me again. In my opinion, we have one of the largest and most desperate campaigns before us than any army has had before in this war. And we have got the man to take us where it is the hottest. Not wishing to part with you in anger, if parting should await us. Although but little encouragement I have from one that I would most expect it from. Therefore, I write those few lines for fear they will be my last. Although, I have hopes of the contrary, we cannot tell what awaits us. Especially in time of war. In my last I spoke a little harsh. Although every word is true. On account of the harshness, I write in more mild tones so soon after the other letters.

I remain yours truly,

J. F. Mader

Write soon and when you write address to:

J. F. Mader
1st Lieutenant, Company H
61st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
1st Brigade, 3rd Division
Howard’s Army Corps of the Potomac

There is some prospects of us getting paid off tonight or in the morning. And if we do get paid, I will forward it to you through your father by express.