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139th Ohio Infantry - Point Lookout

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August 14, 1864 Enos E. Bankdall
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2 page original Civil War soldier's letter, written in period ink and war dated.

Point Lookout, MD

Sunday, August 14th 1864

Dear Family,

I have been looking for a letter from you every since Friday. And I thought I would surely get one this morning. But the mail came and no letter for me. I don’t know whether you have quit writing or whether they do not come. But I though I would once more write you a few lines and inform you that I am still enjoying the best of health.

They rest of the boys are pretty well. There is none in the hospital now. But Henry Beidler, A. W. Brown and one of our company from Liberty TP and they are all getting better. Henry Beidler walked down to my tent this morning to see me. There is a great anxiety to get home now among the boys. Our time is about up. It will be out next Saturday and the calculation now is to leave here day after tomorrow, Tuesday. The only thing that will prevent is getting a boat to take up away. And we will be in Columbus by Saturday and if so we expect to be home by Monday.

The calculation is when we get to Columbus is to telegraph to Van Wert the day we get the word which you probably will get by the firing of the cannons. You will be in town with the team to bring me home for I shall have considerable baggage if I get it all through. We are ready to start at any moment we get a boat.

Most of the boys are sick of this place and are anxious to get home. But I like the place first rate and would like to stay longer. I tried to get mustered out here so that I could stay about two months longer and work. I have been offered sixty-five dollars per month to work at carpenter work and board. But I will have to go with the regiment back. The Colonel said this morning that we would start by next Thursday for sure. If so, we will not be home before the middle of the week. But you will hear from us when we get to Columbus. Let it be when it will.

I have nothing new to write. I will tell you the balance when I get home.

You need not write to me anymore after you get this letter. So goodbye.

E. E. Barkdell

Miss Mart EB, I wish I was at home to spend this Sunday.