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100th Pennsylvania Infantry - Wounded at Weldon Railroad, VA

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May 12, 1862 William H. H. Miles
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4 pages, original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Beaufort, SC

May 12th 1862

Well Father. I thought I would write a few lines to let you know that I am well at present and all the rest as far as I know except John and he can walk around through the house. He is still getting a little better and that is about all that I know about it at present. Well, the weather is warm and nice here now and everything is growing very nice. Well it is about the time that we go to bed so I bid you goodbye tonight.

Well I am writing this morning again. The sun is shining very warm this morning and there is a good deal of talk about the war coming to a close sometime soon. I heard that the rebel congress had closed and I hope it is so. Too, there is a good deal of talk about going home in about two months. But I don’t hardly think that we will be there so soon as that. But I don’t know for my part but the war must be very nigh over for they are recruiting for the regular army. They are taking them out of the volunteer regiments and then the volunteers go get a furlough of 50 days to go home. We have nothing to do hard but drill about four hours a day, stand picket every two or three nights. We drill from 7 o’clock in the morning til 9 and then from four til six in the evening and that is about all we do in a day. Well, Father, soldiering is the easiest work that ever I went at. I have nothing to do at all but I mind my own business and obey orders. I must lay down in my tent and stay there until the orderly calls me out. Then I go and do what he wants me to and then when I am done, I go and lay down again. And wait until the net time and that’s all I do. Now I have just one more page to write and this sheet will be done and then I will quit. Major General Hunter has given order to drill the negroes to stand guard and save the soldiers. The officers is to be white men. A sergeant for captain and a corporal first lieutenant. They will be in the regiment which they belong until the regiment of blacks is organized. Then they will draw the same pay as a captain and other officers. But I would not fancy the job at all for my part, but there has been a good many of our regiment went yesterday. Well, I will have to quit writing for this time. Give my best respects to all. So goodbye for a short time. Write soon.

From your son,

W. H. H. Miles
Company E