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100th Pennsylvania Infantry

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December 3, 1861 William T. McCoy
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink.

Camp Curtin
December 3, 1861

Dear Sister,

I take the opportunity to write to you to let you know where I am. We left Camp Crossman on last Friday morning and arrived in Camp Curtin. You seen our regiment going down but I suppose you didn’t see me, but I seen you standing on the porch with Purcil’s folks. I had my head out of the window waving my cap but you did not see me. There is knowing how long we will be here, it may be short and it may be all winter. If we don’t move out of this very soon I will be up to see all before I go away further.

Excuse me for my short letter for the present and I will write more the next time. I am in a great hurry at present. I close with respect to you and also give my respects to all that inquires about me. So good by for the present. Write soon.

Address Harrisburg, Camp Curtin, 113 Regiment, Company B. Care of Captain Benner

Respectfully your Brother
W. T. McCoy

(Note the 113th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment did not muster into service. Soldiers were assigned to other regiments with the bulk mustering in the 12th Pennsylvania Cavalry)