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13th New Hampshire Infantry

Item LTR-6727
October 24, 1862 John C. Brown
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages written in period ink.

Virginia Camp Chase
October 24th 1862

Dear Wife,
I write a few lines to you not there is anything new. My health is first rate. I feel well all of the time. We are in camp about ½ mile from where we first camped in this state. The Exeter boys are all well. It is cold here nights. We have to use all of our covers close to keep warm nights. It is quite warm day times. We sleep 5 in a tent. F. W. Sawyer and A. Gilman and L. B. Anderson and a man by the name of Freeman tent with me. Our living is rather poor but I get along very well by buying a little once and a while. I swap watches some out here. I make enough to buy all that I want to eat. I owned 5 watches yesterday. I made 4 dollars on them. I am cinder lonesome and I do that to pass away time. I shall bring one or 2 home with me. I think the war will soon be done. The South are trying to settle it up. There are 12 ministers in Washington trying to settle this trouble and I think they will in a short time. We are a going into winter quarters in a few days. We are going to stop near Washington for a city guard. This is a very health regiment. There is 15 sick now. I wrote to Sewell last Monday. I should have written to him before but had no time. I had a letter from Father’s box this week. They are all well. I want you to write often. For I like to hear from you. I was disappointed last night when the mail came in. Most all of the Exeter boys got a letter and I got none. I sent you 20 dollars to you by mail the 21st of October I want you to write as soon as you get it. For I want to hear form it. I shall send you some more as soon as I hear from that I sent it. I was glad to hear that you got that 6 dollars. I can make considerable trading watches. I shall send one home to George if I have a chance. I can get watches cheap out here. I should like to see you all very much. But I can’t now. So let me hear from you as often as you can. I think that we shall all get home by spring. If not before. My health is good all of the time. I never was better. I was glad to hear that you were all well and doing so well. Content yourself so well as you can. Don’t worry about me, dear wife.

J. C. Brown