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100th New York Infantry - Captured at Drewry's Bluff

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November 13, 1863 Samuel Huntington
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Morris Island, SC
Company A
100th New York Volunteers
November 13, 1863

Dear Libby and children,

I have not received any letters from you yet but hope I shall soon. For it seems a good while to wait. I am well at present in body and I hope that I shall hear the same from you. I suppose you have had some cold weather there by this time. The weather is quite mild here and pleasant but cool at night. There is not any news to write at present but I thought you would be glad to hear from me and so I thought I would write as often as I can. It will take some ten days for a letter to go from here to you. I have written two letters a week to you since I came here and mean to do so when I can. I want you to do the same for it will seem good to hear from one that I love more than any other on this earth. And would like to see you all but I cannot at present. But believe I shall some time and not to part again. And may God grant it and I believe he will if we put our trust in him. I dream sometimes of you and home. But this rebellion must be put down and I think it can’t last longer than one year any way and that will soon pass away. I feel that God is with me here. And feel that he will protect you and the little ones while I am gone if we put our trust in him and pray to him and ask him to bless us. And he will do it for he has promised to. I shall send this with postage being paid on it. The chaplain franks them so the postage is not but three cents there for you to pay and that is the law. And if they want you to pay any more than three cents you tell them it is too much for they have no right to do it. Write often. I can’t write a very long letter this morning for I have not time. I am not my own master while I am in the army. I have to do as others say here. But that will not last always for if I should stay three years it will soon wear away and then I shall be at home before that time. For the war can’t last more than one year at longest. You must not worry about me for I think I shall be healthy here if I buy some things to eat and not live entirely on the government. For their coffee I do not like and it does not agree with me. I got sick when I used it but when commenced drinking tea I got better right off and feel well now and I thank God for it. Now dear children, a word to you. I often think of you and would like to kiss you all. As I can’t you must kiss one another for me for Pa loves you dearly. You must try to ask God that Pa may come home again to you and Pa will. I want you to write to me often when Ma writes every time. Write as plain as you can. Now dear children you must try to love God and serve him for he loves little children. I will write some more to you next time. Now dear Libby, I want you to pray for me and I think you do. For you are more dear to me than ever. I pray for you every morning and night. I have to go for now. Write often.

Samuel Huntington

To his dear wife and children. God bless us all.