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13th Massachusetts Infantry - Killed at Thoroughfare Gap

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January 12, 1862 Daniel R. Jackson
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

Headquarters, 13th Regiment Rifles
Massachusetts Volunteers

Camp Jackson
Williamsport, MD

January 12, 1862

Dear Father,

I thought I would write a few lines to you. Although there is nothing very important to write about. We have but very little work to do. Guard duty, which requires 10 men from each company, also a sergeant and three corporals is the regular duty each day. Drilling is being dispensed with. Owing I suppose to the bad weather. First, we have a little snow. Then it rains. The mud is over shoes all over camp, making it very disagreeable. The people here say it is nothing to what it is in the spring.

Sundays are not what they are at home. We do not have services as we did in summer. Inspection takes place every Sunday morning. The camp is somewhat lively just at the present on account of the several companies building houses for their quarters. As we expect to stay here some time and tents are not very comfortable. The stables for the horses are completed. Although, they are rough concern. They are better than none. They are erecting a hospital which is 30 feet long by 18 feet wide. Three of the different men of our company built them houses at their own expense. We (the noncomms) are going to build one tomorrow. It takes but a day to build one. As they are but rough boards. Battened with one window on the back end and the door on the front. Most of them are 14 feet long by 12 wide. With bunks on the sides to sleep in.

I have been expecting a letter from home since I left. Do you know whether George Tresby has received a letter from me? I wrote him one some time ago. But have not received an answer as yet.

Give my love to Mother and to all the rest of the family. As it is too dark to write, I will close this letter. Hoping to hear from you soon.

I remain your son,

Corporal Daniel R. Jackson