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18th New York Light Artillery

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February 6, 1863 Alfred H. Bryant
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

February 6, 1863
Annunciation Square, New Orleans

Dear friend at home

I received you kind letter this afternoon and was happy twice at receiving one from home and one from Edwin too. I have not much news to write for there has nothing transpired worthy of note since I wrote to you last.

This will be six letters that I have wrote home the last one before this was dated Jan 20th and one about a week before that. I suppose you have received my fourth before this and my last if nothing has happened. My last letter but this which I am writing was enclosed in the express package of thirty dollars which I sent home out of my pay. I have paid the express charges on it and had it directed to O.W. Langshore and drat it I forged the house number but I think they will have no trouble in finding it. As soon as you receive this write and let me know whether you have a receipt for it or not. I have a receipt for it and if it is lost it is good. I have received all of your letters so far 3 I all war items

We have one of the grandest artillery Companies in the state of Louisiana. We have 110 horses and six pieces of artillery and 160 men. We turn out every afternoon on street parade and oh, you ought to see what a grand sight it is to see a Company of artillery out on the street. Our guns will shoot six miles to a good effect. I heard today that we had orders to make New Orleans our headquarters. I understand that we are marked on the books as regulars. If that is the case I don’t think we will have any fighting to do right away except to fight the Mosquitoes here in the summer time. They are as big as canaries birds. You must excuse me from writing anymore tonight for it is getting late. Direct a fellow in care of Captain
A.J. Mack
18 New York battery
General Bans Expedition
New Orleans

From your Son and brother Soldier,
Alfred Bryant

P.S. Please give my love to Emma and Hattie and especially to Linda and Marion Porter. Marion had wronged me but I forgive her. Good night friend.
Write soon.

P.S. This is the change they have in New Orleans. It is called a pickaune. There is no smaller change. I will send you one. Ask Melind and Marion if they will send their photographs. I should prize them very highly indeed.