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100th Pennsylvania Infantry - Chaplain

Item MED-8359
December 17, 1863 Robert Audley Browne
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Blains Cross Roads, Tennessee
December 17th 1863

James M. Brown, Esquire
Exchange Bank
Pittsburgh, PA

Dear James,

Yours of the 25th is received. Our long delayed mail came up day before yesterday. Your welcome letter included. I write now hoping by a speedy private chance to have this reach you this month. I think my note is due January 4th. Will you be so kind as to have my note renewed and ask Amos to do me the favor to join with you if the enclosed does not suit your judgments? Or if you and he can advance a part of the amount so as to reduce it, I can hope to pay you. personally perhaps in a month or so. Owing to the preface of affairs here we have not yet been paid. Though the pay masters are here and anxious to disburse. They are endeavoring now to pay, however, my turn may come before long.

Our friends at home can scarcely conceive the weary, harassing and absorbing sort of occupations of this army for about one month past. I will not detail them here. I shall write a few lines if I can, at the earliest convenience and sent it to the “4. P.” showing how we have spent the time since December 6 (Monday) the day we were to have been paid, when we were put in motion after Longstreet. We followed him about 33 miles and he is now following us. There has been some fighting and a good deal of marching every day since then. Longstreet 3 days ago got our line of communication above this, over Church Mountain View, Bean Station but our other communications are yet safe. I wrote you during the siege. Hope you received it. Love to all our friends. Ever your brother,

Robert Audley Browne
Chaplain, 100th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers

I have not seen Mr. McC. Since the 5th. If he is here.