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Marine Barracks, Charlestown, MA

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June 18, 1862 George W. Flagg
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3 pages, period ink letter and war dated:

June 18, 1862

Dear Father,

I take pen in hand to drop a few lines to let you know that I am well at present and would of written sooner but I have been on duty and had no time. I thought that we would go right aboard of ship but I don't think we will ship till August and then I understand that we are to go to China. The ship is one of the new Second Class Sloops of War and they look very nice. The name of her is Cananadago and it is a steamer. There are five vessels here and soon we'll start some place or other. I wish we would leave now for I don't like the officer that has command here, for he is to strict for anybody and the men won't be bound up so close so near everyday there is one or two deserters. A man dare not spit on the pavement or outside anyplace nor can't smoke only in the rooms can't go to the wash without having his coat on and it is all a piece of foolishness, for all that. The men leave here and take the cars so they don't look for them at all and I don't blame them at all - for we get some rough usage some times.
Father please write and let me know how my brothers are getting along. This is a very busy place here and the streets are crowded all the time the same as Philadelphia. Father tell Andrew that Jerry is well and expect to hear from him soon. So I will come to a close by sending my love and best respect to all the folks there.

I remain your Son,

George W. Flagg
Marine Barracks