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CSA Headquarters Commissary Service & 34th Tennessee Infantry

Item CON-6539
July 13, 1864 Alexander W. Harris
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Original Civil War Confederate Document. 2 pages written in period ink and war dated July 13, 1864.

Office Headquarters Commissary Service
Marion, Virginia
July 13, 1864

Captain Isaac Shelby
Chief C.S.

Dear Sir,

I send Sergeant Hale today to get you to do me a kindness. I have just finished up my business for the last 2 quarters of 1863 and to date of 1864. I have never been to Richmond nor anywhere else, sane at the cost of duty since the beginning of the war. As I am very anxious that my papers should go through safely, and speedily. I ask of you to give me orders in some shape that will take me safely to Richmond and immediately back.

Please write me a permit and get General Morgan to endorse it and very much oblige.

Your Obedient Servant,

Alex W. Harris
Captain & A.C.S.

Also, please get General Morgan’s endorsement on my orders to S. C. Godshall of Colonel Ashby’s Regiment, 2nd Tennessee Cavalry to Richmond on whose person I will greatly facilitate the getting through of my papers if an examination can be had.

A. W. H.