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12th Battalion Virginia Light Artillery - POW Letter

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September 13, 1864 Nathaniel A. Sturdivant
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1 page, original Civil War Confederate POW letter written in period ink and war dated from Fort Delaware. (Major Nathaniel A. Sturdivant)
Fort Delaware
September 13th 1864

A few days ago your letter to Lieutenant Danacott came into my hands and was read by me with nearly as much pleasure as it would have afforded him. Many thanks for the kind allusions, which it contains, to myself. Every kindly sentiment which you may entertain towards me is more than reciprocated. But you in the meanwhile are wondering how it chanced that I read your letter and am now answering it. Ten days before the arrival of yours Lieutenant Danacott left Fort Delaware with six hundred other Confederate Officers for Charleston Harbor and we have no means of forwarding letters thither so that yours perforce stopped here and as I am the successor to Danacott receive, read and as far as I may answer his letters. I know that you will be disappointed but console yourself with the reflection that whatever you have written will sooner or later reach the party for whom it was intended, even though the message should be lost as I will bear in my memory its contents and repeat them to him. In answer to one inquiry of yours. Captain S. bears his captivity well that is if any man can bear imprisonment well. I will not be sad, or dispirited but keep a cheerful countenance and trust in God. Answer to another inquiry. Mrs. Pachman when last heard from was in Sussex County. Lieutenant Neisigen was severely but not dangerously wounded a day or two after my capture but was soon expected back with the company. With a cordial greeting to your father and mother and hoping that happier days may soon dawn upon us. I am with very great respect.

Very truly yours.

N. A. Sturdivant

Addressed to Miss Fanny Keen, Hopkinsville, KY

Note small missing piece of paper in middle left section of letter.