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82nd Pennsylvania Infantry

Item DOC-8619
July 8, 1864 James R. Neiler
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Original Civil War document written in period ink and war dated.

Camp near Petersburg, VA
July 8, 1864

I certify on honor that on the 1st day of June 1864, at Cold Harbor, Virginia, the stores enumerated below, were lost under the following circumstances.

The Regiment to which my company belongs was directed to charge under the fire of the Enemy to take a certain position, in so doing, two noncommissioned officers and 9 privates were wounded and three missing.

The arms carried by all these men were left on the field, as we were repulsed and they could not be recovered.

The following is the list of stores so abandoned:

Fourteen (14) Long Enfield Rifles (Cal 58)
Fifteen (15) Bayonets
Fifteen (15) Cartridge Boxes
Fifteen (15) Cartridge Box Plates
Fifteen (15) Cartridge Boxes Belt Plates
Fifteen (15) Cartridge Boxes Belts
Fifteen (15) Waist Belts
Fifteen (15) Waist Belts Plates
Fifteen (15) Cap Pouches and picks
Fourteen (14) Gun Slings
Three (3) Ball screws
Six (6) Tompeins
Eight (8) Wipers
Three (3) Spring Vices
Three Hundred rounds of ammunition

James R. Neiler
Company D
82nd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers