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3rd Division Sharpshooters, 24th Army Corps - Twice Wounded

Item DOC-8762
April 17, 1865 Samuel I. Given & William Kreutzer
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Camp of Division Sharpshooters
Rocketts, Richmond, VA
April 17, 1865

Lieutenant Colonel Kreutzer

The bearer Mr. G. W. Hill is desirous of complying with existing order, in reference to soldiers, who are connected with the Confederate Army. Mr. Hill has not been discharged from the CSA but has been absent since last January on sick leave, and is now anxious to take the oath or parole. My camp and headquarters are adjoining Mr. Hill’s residence and I have found him in all cases since my acquaintance with him peaceable and law abiding to the laws of the Union Army.

Very Respectfully
Your Obedient Servant
Samuel I. Given
Captain Commanding Sharpshooters
3rd Division, 24th Army Corps

Lieutenant Colonel Kreutzer
Assistant Provost Marshal

Samuel I. Given: Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel. Wounded at Cold harbor and Fort Harrison. Also served with the 3rd PA Heavy Artillery and the 188th PA Infantry.