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17th Maine Infantry - Wounded at Gettysburg

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May 19, 1865 George W. Verrill
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Original Civil War document written in period ink.

Headquarters 3rd Division, 2nd Army Corps

May 19th 1865

Special Order No. 133{Extract}

10. In accordance with Special Order No. 125, C. S. from Headquarters, Army of the Potomac, Brigade Commanders will at once take measures to collect, receive and turn in the ammunition now in the hands of the troops of their respective commands, both the case in the cartridge boxes, and the packed in possession of the regiments, if those be any such, this will be turned in to the Ordnance Officer of the Division.

In receiving the case ammunition, Brigade Commanders will direct it to be deposited in a pile or piles on the ground in convenient places and in order to guard against accident by explosion, they will see that water is thrown over it on the piles.

They will also see that this order is promptly complied with.

No receipts need be given or taken for the case ammunition.

By Command of
Brevet Major General Mott

[signed] William R. Driver

[On back]

Headquarters, 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Army Corps

May 20th 1865


George W. Verrill