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1861 Minute Men of Wyoming, Pennsylvania - Keystone Guards

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May 6, 1861
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Original Civil War document listing the names of Officers and Noncommissioned Officers of the Keystone Guards.1861 Minute Men of Wyoming, Pennsylvania.

Minute Men of Wyoming

A meeting for the election of permanent officers of said company was held in Wyoming, May 6, 1861, which resulted as follows:

Rufus Carver Captain
Milton G. Phillips Esq. 1st Lieutenant
H. H. Chapin 2nd Lieutenant
R. K. Seacock 3rd Lieutenant

Noncommissioned officers as follows:

W. S. Hopkins 1st Sergeant
George S. Jenkins 2nd Sergeant
Mallory Williams 3rd Sergeant
Jacob I. Shoemaker 4th Sergeant
Hiram Bardoll 1st Corporal
C. B. Caswell 2nd Corporal
I. T. Sapanes 3rd Corporal
Abel Marcy 4th Corporal

At a subsequent meeting the members of the company, by resolution voted to tender their services not only for the defence of our Commonwealth, but for the defence of our Flag throughout the whole Country.

At a meeting held on the 1st of June 1861, it was unanimously resolved that the name of the company be changed to Keystone Guards.