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126th New York Infantry - Wounded at Maryland Heights

Item LTR-157
November 8, 1862 Robert D. Blauvelt
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3 Pages in period ink. Letter dated, November 8, 1862:


November 8th 1862

Dear Susan,

I received your letter today. It was a long time coming through. I was glad to hear that you were all well but hark the bell rings. I shall have to stop and eat my dinner. Well I have been to dinner so I will proceed to business. I am happy to say your letter finds me in pretty good health. My wound is not healing very fast but it is all the better for where they heal over they are apt to break out again and be as bad as ever. Your speaking about a sending me a box. I had one. I got it last Tuesday. Mr. Bates sent the box to me. Mr. VanHusan sent me a can of fruit. I was very nice.

Mr. Blair sent a box of honey. This honey all wasted. They wrote about this box. I had my mouth fixed for a honey eat but got disappointed but never mind. Rob and I get along this time. I am enjoying the contents of this box finely. My appetite has been pretty poor for two or three days past but is pretty good now. I shall be glad when I can get away from here. I am getting sick of a hospital. I must tell what I had for dinner today. I had potatoes and beef, rice coffee and some good bread and butter from Middlesex. It makes me think of home. Tell Ellen that I thank her for her kisses. Tell her I don’t know when she will see me. She must be a good girl. I got Holland’s letter. I answered it. I was glad to hear from him. I would like to hear from Aaron very much. My brother James is sick at Yorktown with the fever. There is a boat just running up to the wharf. It is within twenty yards of this building that I stay in. There are two at the wharf now. One is loaded with hay. The ground is covered with snow. It snowed all day yesterday. I wished I could get away from here. They think that when the Army goes into winter quarters they will give lots of furloughs. I don’t want any. I want my discharge because I can’t never carry a knapsack again.

I am getting pretty tired as this is the third letter of the day.

Give my respects to all that will take it. Please write again. Excuse the bad spelling and writing as I have to write with the lame arm.

From your affectionate friend,

Robert D. Blauvelt