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12th Massachusetts Infantry - Wounded at Gettysburg

Item LTR-177
April 28, 1864 William E. Foster
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Original 4 page Civil War letter written in period ink:

Campbell Hospital
Washington, DC

April 28th [1864]

Dear Mother,

I will still continue to write although I do not get any letters from home. The last one that I received was dated the 14th and before that one I don’t recollect how long it was. But I have not gotten one since I have been in Washington. I have been in the hospital since the 22nd of this month on account of my poison. It was very bad then. My face being swollen so that I could hardly see out of my eyes. But it is perfectly well now and I expect to go back to the Company, which is only a few rods from here. But I wish I was going to stay here the rest of my time. For it is the most beautiful place that ever I was in and it has the name of being the best conducted hospital in Washington. There are ten wards in here beside Headquarters, which is a long building like the Wards. In front of which the grounds are all laid out in walks with flower beds to represent the different Corps badges in the army. These are all planted with different kinds of flowers. And all through the Hospital there are nice grand walks on each side of which are flowers. Inside of the wards are hung full of paper hangings of different colors and shapes beside evergreen wreaths. And in every ward there are two glass cases about two feet and a half long by fifteen inches wide with a gold fish in each one beside little pebble stones and evergreen in the bottom. And the wards are so cool and neat that it makes one feel as though he was at home. The Hospital is situated on the boundary line of the city but I can sit at my window and see the men at work around the Capital. The horse carts run out here. So when one wants to go down town, as they call it, all he has to do is jump on the carts and he is there in no time. There are some twelve or fifteen of the 12th Massachusetts here who have been here. Some of them ever since the regiment was in Maryland for the first time, regular P. B. (perfect beats). But I will draw this to a close. Please write as soon as you get this. Give my love to all inquiring friends. I wrote to Ruth since I was here. If you see her ask her if she received it.

From your affectionate son,

William E. Foster

William E. Foster
Company F, 24th Regiment VRC
Corner of 7th and O Street
Washington, DC