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13th Massachusetts Infantry - WIA Gettysburg, Meade to Dedicate Burial Ground

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November 18, 1863 Charles E. Horne
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2 page original Civil War soldier's letter, war dated.

Camp 13th Massachusetts Volunteers

November 18th 1863

Dear Parents,

I send you a map of the Gettysburg Battlefield. It is as you will perceive a map of the line taken the second day and does not show when the 1st Corps fought so desperately. I have marked the point where we left the Emmitsburg Pike. Then you will notice on the Shippensburg Road, where I marked with a pencil, that was where our Division fought and charged across that road. On the right along the small stream was the 11th Corps, who ran like whipped dogs. You will see our position (marked Robinson) on Cemetery Hill, although we were moved from right to left almost every hour. I do not call it a very good map, although it will give a general idea of the line and its formation. I can’t think of anymore now to write this morning. I am well. General Meade will be present tomorrow at Gettysburg to dedicate the soldiers burying ground. No news here at all.

Charles E. Horne