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116th Pennsylvania Infantry - Irish Brigade

Item LTR-581
March 5, 1865 William H. Webber
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2 pages, original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Camp Simmons
Near Harrisburg
Army of the Potomac

March 5th 1865

116th Regiment Pennsylvania


Whoever you may be. I just now seated to tell you of Army life. What a soldier has and feels. I was first now studying to what I shall write to and it came into my mind to write to you. Whoever shall get this, that I am very lonesome indeed. Nothing to do again until the spring campaign opens again. And I think that won’t happen this spring. For I think that the enemy that are fighting against us will have to come to terms under the flag of the union. Which I have heard from rebel deserters that come into our lines now. Now whoever you are answer this and put your photograph into it and you can depend you shall have mine in return. So much from a soldier.

William H. Webber

The directions are, William H. Webber, Company F, 116th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1st Division, 4th Brigade, 2nd Army Corps via Washington, DC.