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30th Maine Infantry

Item LTR-61
May 9, 1865 Francis H. Coffin
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2 page period ink letter.

In the Field
Hd Qrt 30th Maine
May 9, 1865

My Dear Wife,

It has been raining hard all night, but is clearing off this morning. Yesterday I spent in the city, saw Mr. French, Hall and Mclleapeer. Went over to the Treasury Building, passed the President’s room several times, but of course the door would not open for anything. When I was there. In the afternoon about the time I was ready to return to camp, showers came up. Began to rain when I got half way out and before I got near it poured. I had Franks Rubben’s coat which saved me some, but my legs were wet and am not dry yet. I told Frank to have a good fire made up stairs to dry me off but he wouldn’t do it, so stopped below and rested first rate. Today if it doesn’t begin to rain again we are off to the city and over to the camp of General Beal and perhaps to Alexandria to see Mr. Hawn. I am in the best condition have taken no cold, this sleeping in the tent with the wind guilty blowing in my face. Frank send s his love, and says he is in fair condition. They are rallying him on the report that he was the best looking man in Sheridan’s Army. He thinks that is a pretty big thing. Saw Paul Baker yesterday he is first rate. Shall probably start for home Thursday night. Shall telegraph about my day as I have done.
Must reserve the main detail of news till I get home. My best love to the children, reserving one complete share for your self. Also to Lester and Jemima within other inquires. Abbie of course must not be forgotten.

Your Aff. Husband.
F. H. Coffin