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13th Illinois Infantry

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December 17, 1862 Azro A. Buck
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2 pages, original Civil War Union letter written in period ink and war dated.

December 17th 1862

Friend Dalton,

I am able at last to comply with your request in sending you the papers which have bee so long and I think unnecessarily delayed. If I had been the only one concerned, I should have sent papers at the time they were made nearly two months ago. But Smith got his A___ up and went to the colonel and got him to order them stopped. Consequently, I could not do a thing. I kept them in my possession. However, intending to send them as soon as possible.

When your letter with affidavit reached me, I was on board a transport bound down the Mississippi and up White River. Went down the Mississippi but could not get up White very far. Did not accomplish what we intended to do. But was gone some nine or ten days. Came back, stayed three or four days and went again out into Mississippi some 50 or 60 miles. Was gone some 10 or 12 days and have been back about a week. Have been punching at them ever since I cam back but they seemed to care nothing about it and now we are ordered to be ready to go aboard a transport tomorrow and are not coming back again to this place. Destination supposed to be Vicksburg.

Mayor Partridge and myself have at last got the colonel consent to send the certificate and I will not wait to be told the second time. Still I do not think he is satisfied that the affidavit is correct and in fact I think he has lost it.

Thursday, noon 18th.

Are not off yet and shall probably not go today and I think two or three days. Our regiment has just been instructed by a regular officer, complimented our company very highly in their appearance and condition of arms.

The 13th Regiment has got to come down to the regulation standard of transportation’s five teams to the regiment. Besides one for the Surgeon and one for the field and staff.

The health is very good. The health of the company and regiment is first rate. As good as it was when we left Rolla last spring. It is the best old regiment in the service. Able and willing to do all and everything that is asked of her.

I am in a great hurry. Cannot say any more. So goodbye.

Please write me on receipt of this that I may know it reached you.

Yours, etc.

A. A. Buck