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13th Illinois Infantry

Item LTR-7819
October 11, 1862 Azro A. Buck
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

October 11th 1862

Friend Dalton,

We have this day settled our mess account and find it about like the following.

When we settled at Red River the 1st of June, Smith and myself paid you our share of what was owing to Henderson which amounted to $22.24. I also found on Henderson’s Book $2.80 charged since then. Also found on Nobles Book $7.64 which with the $9.60 on your book makes $20.04. Which is $1.56 more paid in the mess than your share. That deducted from the amount I have paid Noble and Henderson leaves $31.12. Add to that $28.52 I paid Smith for Company Fund makes $59.64. I have disposed of your effects here for $6.50 and Lawrence says you are owing him 45 cents for washing, which would leave $53.59 for you to pay to my wife when convenient. I suppose you will have Stiles pay it which he can do when convenient.

I received your letter of October 15th today. I have seen Colonel Gorgas and have got a certificate as you requested. But he tells me not to send it to you till the company affairs are made straight. He says you want to make affidavit that what arms and accoutrements are missing were lost and used up in the service or something to that effect.

We know nothing of how many guns were lost of the Old Smooth Bore or how many were drawn or turned over. If any one has any account of it, it is you.

We have now guns on hand and receipts for the same. Ninety-two (92) which would leave six missing.

There has been one full set of knapsacks haversacks and canteens used up. You will at once see the necessity of making some arrangement by which your successor will not be held responsible for things lost during your administration. You can fix it in some shape or make some kind of a statement and then I will be at liberty to send you the certificate.

I will send you the receipts of the Quartermaster’s and Smith in this.

Mulligan says you know something about some extra duty pay. He wants you to send us a statement of it.

I guess I have got about enough into one letter and will close if you thing of anything more, please state in your next.

Yours, etc.

A. A. Buck

P.S. I have forgotten to say something about what is going on in these parts.

We have not had any fighting to do yet. Although, there is occasionally some pickets shooting. We are doing picket duty the other side the rivers. I have been over twice with our company. Am going again tomorrow.

The last time we were over the men we went to relieve had one man killed and two taken. We had no difficulty and never expect to have where the 13th goes.

General Carr is in command now. They have got the fort nearly completed and guns mounted.

Loring is back again. He is not very healthy. That face of his is as long as the moral law is. Expecting to be promoted. Ivan Hall has run away. Been gone about a week.

A. A. Buck