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2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery - NEW

Item LTR-8701
March 12, 1864 Alfred H. Kinsley
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

New Bern NC
March 12th, 1864

Dear Ed,

As I am Officer of the Day and with nothing else to do I will write you a few lines. It is now most midnight and very pleasant. I have just received a letter from Captain Ticknor. He said he had called on you and had a very nice time. He writes that he shall arrive here about the twentieth of this month. I hope he will come soon as we all miss him much. You wanted to know how I lived. I live well. I do the best I can and try to please my Superior Officers and as they find no fault I suppose I do my duty right. Capt. Cornwell is being court martial now. I don’t know how his case is coming out. I am fine but if he goes home there will be a chance for promotion and if I can get it, I want it. Some other officers have written home to get their friends to work for them but I lay low and don’t say a word to any one but you and I know if there is a chance of him going home, you will do all you can for me. I think I could snuff out two bars as well at home other folks. I met Dr. Morngue yesterday. He inquired after you and seems to be very glad that you can help him do a few things. His wife is well and his Mother and Sister came a few days ago. I have not met them yet but they say his Sister is mighty homely. The School Marms are all well. Reckon Capt James knows how to play things fine from what I hear. They are going to start schools for the poor whites, very pious idea. I think they will hear cultivation. Capt Bradley, Capt Webster, and Capt Goldthwait send their love to you. I hope you will come again. I have been dry ever since you went away. Reynth is in Boston at French’s School 186 Washington Street. I would ask her to come to your house if I were in your place. She is a nice prim young lady must be mighty lonely there all alone. Perhaps she would like to come here if there was a chance. They think here the Rebs will be down by Monday again but I don’t hardly think they will. Though next Monday is the 14th and it will be two years since this place was captured by our forces and I think it will be about two years longer before the Rebs get it again. They have made two special requisitions and don’t seem to get them signed, perhaps they don’t send them through the proper channels. I want you to write often and let me know all the news. Give my love to Kate and Addie, Lizzie and Tom. Tell Tom to write. He must look gay with that hat on him. If he has got it yet and when he does tell him not to forget the boys. I should like to see him slip up and see his pretty hat go where Kendall’s did up to the South end where the Dog was. Tom will know what I mean. Remember me to all. Woodman, Hornwell, Rhodes, Taylor and all the boys. Accept much love from your affectionate Brother.

A H Kinsley
First Commanding Co. E.
2nd Mass. H.A.

P. S. If you can read this you can do more than I can.