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1st New York Dragoons - Wounded at Ream's Station

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February 12, 1865 Darwin Nichols
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

Remount Camp
Pleasant Valley, MD
Sunday, February 12th 1865

My Dearest Orpha,

I will endeavor once more on the Lord’s day to write to you to let you know that you are not entirely forgotten. The thoughts of you are almost constantly on my mind and I love you just as tenderly as it is possible for me to without being in your presence. I am sorry to say that I have not been able to hear you since I was at Bedloe’s Island, New York.

I wrote for my mail when I was at Camp Distribution, Virginia. But before it arrived I was sent from there to this camp. Then I wrote again for it to be sent here. It has not arrived yet nor do I know when I shall be able to obtain it and now I expect to remain here some time and I think if my friends and correspondence know how lonesome I am I dare to say I shall hear from them soon, if not sooner. Writing and receiving letters is a great enjoyment and pleasure to me. Don’t know how it may be with other in that respect. How is it with you? Dearest Orpha, I have written to you so many times since I have received anything to show that your love and devotions continue as warmly as when I last heard from you, that it is impossible for me to write a very lengthy letter. But will endeavor to interest you as best I can with out trying to use fine language. My general health is improving finally. But my wound has broken out and is troubling me. But not to a very great extent as I have not yet reported to the doctor. Though I don’t know but I am delaying it so long for my own good. Our quarters here are not the best. I have seen this winter and the weather is extremely cold and disagreeable. The snow is nearly a foot and one half deep and prospects of more soon. In the line I wrote you the day I arrived here, I forgot whether I asked you to direct here or not. But I went to the office last night thinking that perhaps you might have written and I was very anxious if said letter did arrive to receive it as soon.

I hope and trust it will not be long after you receive this before I shall hear from you. I have thought that perhaps you might be sick or something had happened which would cause you to be unable to write but I hardly dare to think of such a thing. But will hope for the best and trust to what the future may bring forth. Hoping this will find you in good health and enjoying every comfort of life that takes to make one happy in this world of sorrow. And also that it may not be long before I may hear that I am still loved by that angelic being I cherish as though it were the only one on earth. And the one I hope ever to enjoy life with. I remain as ever,

Your sincere friend and affectionate lover

Darwin Nichols

P.S. Direct to Darwin Nichols
2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Remount Camp
Pleasant Valley, MD