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11th Maine Infantry - Wounded at Deep Bottom, VA

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May 18, 1863 Winslow P. Spofford
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Camp of the 11th Maine Volunteers
Beaufort, S.C.
May 18, 1863

I received by the last mail a letter from a brother of Doctor Bates which I enclose. I have today written Mr. Bates giving all the particulars that I and Norris know of. The poor fellows last days and also stated that you had not written by reason of your illness and the labor of making your reports and further I advised him to visit you at your home and obtain what he wishes.

We are passing along much as usual. I believe there has been no severe attack since you left and the number of sick does not much increase. We continue to improve upon our camp especially in policing of tents, etc. There are some rumors of our leaving Beaufort but nothing has been decided as yet. We shall prefer to do so provided it takes us out from under the present Brigade Commander.

Captain Hill wrote his Lieutenant by the last mail that as he could not get an extension of his leave of absence he should rejoin the regiment. I think he is presumptuous to do so at present, for he can not have so far recovered as to make it safe.

We need not assure you that we shall gladly greet you at any time yet we hope you will take time to secure a comfortable degree of health before you attempt returning.

We are encouraged by what news we get. (to the 12th Inst) to hope Hooker is being successful in his operations with the army of the Potomac. If he is, the McClellan and Copperhead stock must be below par at present.

Some papers came to you which we are presenting.

With high esteem, I remain yours
W. P. Spofford