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12th Kentucky Cavalry

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December 4, 1863 Fletcher Williams
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Edgefield, Tennessee
December 4, 1863

My Dear Emily,

I received your letter of the 6th and was glad to hear that you was well. I am well at present and I hope that this will find you the same. Well, I received the gloves that you sent and was glad that you sent them for I was without anything to wear and so you see they did come when they did and then to think that you did think of me, when you was yourself in a warm room and have every thing to your hand and me somewhere no one knows where only thing that is with me. But that is no body’s business. But then that is there and then that is what we call having a good time to ourselves. Well we are a having a easy time now but I can’t tell how long it will last. I hope it will last sometime and for my part I don’t care how long it does for when this time does end then I think it will be sometime before we shall have such a time again. But it must end soon for the troops are a leaving further south and we may move soon. But I can’t tell when that time will come nor how long we will stay here. Well I have said enough of that and now for something else. Well Emily I wish that I was with you as bad as you want me there. But that is out of the question for the present and how long I can’t tell but I don’t think it will be till my time is out in the army and then if I am alive than we may have good times. But we must wait till then with patience till that time is at hand. Well Emily you spoke and wanted to know what I busied myself on Sunday. Well we don’t have every Sunday here. Well I have been mostly today and so I have been a hauling wood and corn and I guess that I will do the same on Christmas. Well when you answer this, I want you to tell me how Julia is and I want you to tell me what she wants to have to go to school this winter and when I get my pay I will send money and you can get the things for her.

But I must close for this time. Answer this as soon as you get this. But I will close so Goodbye.

I remain your Husband,
Fletcher Williams

Direct to Nashville