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56th Pennsylvania Infantry

Item LTR-8929
July 17, 1863 Alexander A. McCoy
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

New Creek, VA
July 17, 1863

Miss Mattie Withrow or M other words I should say

Friend that you will perceive that I am down in the Land of Dixie amongst the Rebs. We left Pitts last Saturday for Grafton, but when we arrived at that point we were not needed. Hence we came on to this place to relieve some old troops. I expect you folks will think it strange of us to come away out of our own state. But it was merely voluntary on our part and as our own state did not need us, we all agreed to come here. My own impression is that we will not remain here long, but will be sent back to our own state to gather us the men that will resist the draft and nothing would please us better. The boys are all in for a job of that kind. I like soldiering very well, in fact much better than I expected. I have had no word from here or any other place since I left and I am beginning to want a letter now. Our camp is located on the head waters of the Potomac. A very nice situation for a camp. The people about here are principally all rebs, but they keep very quiet. We have very good living and plenty of it but as a matter of course we cannot have things as convenient as at home. I would very much like to have a list of the drafted men in Green Y.P. I understand that 3 Meanars are drafted. Bully like I say. We have three drills a day. First company drill from 8 to 10, second battalion drill from 2 to 4, third dress parade at 7. I will write no more at this time but close by asking you to write to me as soon as you can conveniently.

Your Humble Servant,
Alex A. McCoy

Company H, 3d Regiment P.V. M.
Care of Captain Lawrence.