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13th & 30th Maine Infantry

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August 13, 1862 Stephen Burbank
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Fort Jackson, LA
August 13th 1862

Cousin Winfield,

I received your welcomed and interesting letter that you sent in your mother’s letter.

And was glad to hear that you were well. My health has been rather poor lately but I am better now. When I heard from last we was at Ship Island, but we have since moved to Fort Jackson, a place six months ago was in the hands of the rebels. But our blast was too strong for the fortification and it came into our hands. The Massachusetts 26th Regiment stayed here two months after the bombardment. And they have moved to New Orleans and we take their place for a spell. It is rather a savage looking hole when we first came here but Butler sent some hundred and fifty Negros to clean up the inside of the Fort and now it looks pretty well. We have some forty prisoners here now and five of them are in irons. Most every day Butler sends some new prisoners. Some of them are blacks and some of them are about half white. The Colonel gets scared sometimes and makes the guard set up all night and watch them. I don’t know as I can think of any more news to write you now.

I suppose the President has called for 500,000 more troops. Suppose Hiram will have to raise some more. I expect all of the rest of the boys have enlisted before now.

I must close by saying bye. With respect.

S. Burbank
13th Regiment, Co G, LA

W. W. Fly